The clean & modern RSS server that doesn’t give you any crap.

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Current version 0.8.5

Previous versions

Changelog (2020-10-27)

Bug fixes:

  • Relax Fever HTTP correctness, to fix some clients
  • Add the QUERY_STRING FastCGI parameter to the sample Nginx configuration

Please see the UPGRADING file for further details.

Please check out our extensive manual for instructions on how to install and use the software.


No this isn’t a joke. To put it simply The Arsse stores and organizes your RSS news feeds on your server. Compatible with any client which implements the Nextcloud News 1.2, Tiny Tiny RSS, or Fever APIs, The Arsse is always available. Because you own and control the content in one location there is no need to fumble around with syncing services.

Not only are you in control of your data, you’re free to use any of more than a dozen clients which work with The Arsse right now, across all major operating systems. The choice is yours.

Easy to set up, simple to use, and low-maintenance, The Arsse stays out of your way so that you can read your news in peace.

Getting help

The Arsse has an extensive user manual which aims to explain in detail how to use it. You can also report bugs, or contact either J. King or Dustin Wilson if you have questions or problems.