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While MySQL can be used as a database for The Arsse, this is not recommended due to MySQL’s technical limitations. It is fully functional, but may fail with some newsfeeds where other database systems do not. Additionally, it is particularly important before upgrading from one version of The Arsse to the next to back up your database: a failure in a database upgrade can corrupt your database much more easily than when using other database systems.

You are therefore strongly advised not to use MySQL. Though our MySQL test suite ensures functionally identical behaviour to SQLite and PostgreSQL for the supplied test data in a default MySQL configuration, there are many other subtle ways in which it can fail, and we do not have the manpower to account for most of these with certainty.

Also please note that as of this writing MariaDB cannot be used in place of MySQL as it lacks features of MySQL 8 which The Arsse requires (see the relevant MariaDB issue for details). The awkwardly-named Percona Server for MySQL, on the other hand, will work.


In order to use a MySQL database for The Arsse, the database must already exist. The procedure for creating a database can differ between systems, but a typical Linux procedure is as follows:

sudo mysql -e "CREATE USER 'arsseuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'super secret password'"
sudo mysql -e "CREATE DATABASE arssedb"
sudo mysql -e "GRANT ALL ON arssedb.* TO 'arsseuser'@'localhost'"

The Arsse must then be configured to use the created database. A suitable configuration file might look like this:

return [
    'dbDriver'    => "mysql",
    'dbMySQLUser' => "arsseuser",
    'dbMySQLPass' => "super secret password",
    'dbMySQLDb'   => "arssedb",

Numerous alternate configurations are possible; the above is merely the simplest.